Submit a Poster

Important Information to Note:

  • Poster presenters must register under their applicable registration category (at upon acceptance in order to present.
    • If the author(s) and/or co-author(s) are not able to be present but wish to submit a poster to be displayed at the conference, a designee may be assigned to drop off the printed posted at the conference site.   
  • Poster stands will be 4x6ft. Posters should be no smaller than 3×5 and no larger than 4×6.
  • Posters will be affixed to the boards using velcro. The velcro adheres to your poster via sticker, so if you wish to re-use your poster for another conference, we recommend printing and laminating your poster so that you can easily remove the velcro dots.
  • Presenters are responsible for printing their own posters.

For questions, please contact us.