What Past Participants Said

98% of attendees said they would recommend this conference to a friend or colleague! 70% of attendees rated the conference as better than other CME activities they have attended and 94% of attendees said they would attend again!

Past Participant Comments 2024

“There were discussions that impacted clinical practices for stroke patients that I plan to include in my patient’s care.”

“I enjoyed hearing about new technology especially the mobile stroke unit.”

“New topics presented by the fellows were excellent.”

“Thank you so much for a wonderful conference. I appreciate so very much the work being done to improve Stroke care across our state.”

“I liked the format. Just the right amount of time to hold my attention.”

“The topic variety and speakers were excellent!”

“Thank you for providing informative, practical, accessible teaching.”

“Overall, this was an enjoyable an effective conference on par with the International Stroke Conference.”

Past Participant Comments 2023

“Dr Polifka was an engaging speaker. The featured speaker was also engaging.”

“Incredible space, good teaching in the round.”

“Stayed on schedule, short compact breaks, perfect timing.”

“Greater variety of topics and presenters.”

“I enjoyed the variety of topics and material and felt it was well presented.”

“It gave me more knowledge to better explain the risks of treatment to my patients and their family.”

“Great program!”

Past Participant Comments 2022

“Good topics, great speakers, interesting material, venue beautiful and meeting well organized and run.”

“The presenters did a nice job of explaining their topics at an appropriate level and the use of pictures/charts/diagrams aided in the understanding of each presentation.”

“The speakers were engaging, the topics described the latest cutting edge technology, and practical, relevant interventions were described to handle post-stroke issues”

“All topics were interesting and informative with excellent speakers.”

“This course is great every year!”

“Great experience. Beautiful facility, easy parking, good healthy food with vegetarian options (thank you!) comfortable room- no one was hot or cold. Wonderful to have a live venue again!”

“Everyone was knowledgeable and a good speaker they were easy to follow with detail but not too much to become cumbersome. the trials were very interesting and the guest speaker had a wonderful personality.”

“Meaningful and relevant to my professional practice.”

Past Participant Comments 2021 – Virtual Conference

The below are anonymous comments provided by participants when they filled out our program evaluation..

“This was a great program. It was concise and kept my attention. I was worried about the virtual aspect as I have not attended a virtual conference. I was impressed with the ease and flow of the programs and speakers.”

“I enjoyed the variety of topics.”

“Was great conference. As always, a variety of topics which appeals to the diversity of the attendees.”

“From an RN’s perspective, it was an informative program.”

“Length of presentations is perfect. Enjoyed the cases, and the summary of information when trials being reviewed.”

“I enjoyed the case studies. They are relevant to my practice and may be to others as well.”

“The speakers were ALL extremely knowledgeable and presented their topics in an easy to understand way”

Past Participant Comments 2019

The below are anonymous comments provided by participants when they filled out our program evaluation.

“Timely and up-to-date information about newest technologies and standards of care.”

“The program’s material was very up to date.”

“separation of nursing and physicians after lunch was great in providing additional info more applicable to nursing practice.”

“I find these lectures very informative.”

“It was absolutely a wonderful venue for teaching—great facility Informative, well versed speakers.”

“Great speakers.”

“The stroke conference was excellent! Thank you!”

“Very nice combination of level of content to bring nurses and physicians together.”

“Enjoyed the case studies presented and asking for audience participation.”

“I enjoyed hearing about the newest updates in telemedicine and reviewing case studies.”

“Speakers were knowledgeable. Keynote speaker was excellent.”

“The conference is geared toward various health professions, not just one.”

Past Participant Comments 2018

The below are anonymous comments provided by participants when they filled out our program evaluation.

“1st time attending and was very impressed with speakers and content”

“Beautiful venue, awesome to have screens visible from all seating positions”

“Excellent program and speakers. appreciate the opportunity to hear from the best!!”

“Drs. Hoh and Robinson were amazing and very informative while keeping us paying attention.”

“The speakers are tops in their areas of expertise and really make the program.”

“The speakers were excellent”

“Great case studies and imaging to be able to see what is going on with pt’s”

“Enjoyed vendors and posters.”

“The information and speakers were very knowledgeable about the subject matter. They presented very current and up to date information.”

“Lots of interesting topics, great speakers”

“Really appreciated the exhibitors, saw a new cardio net monitor before seeing it on a patient, which is always helpful. Also liked seeing the actual devices used in thrombectomy, enhancing my understanding of exactly what my patients have experienced.”

Past Participant Comments 2017

The below are anonymous comments provided by participants when they filled out our program evaluation.

“The presentation and format was excellent.”

“I found the program’s content and the speakers’ presentations to be very informative and timely and the speakers are very in command of their topics and presented them very clearly and thoroughly.”

“Excellent physician presentations. Very relevant to all levels of practice.”

“It has been my experience that this programs by UF CME pack a lot of bang for your buck, helping me to stay abreast of current guidelines. This was an excellent example of that.”

“Great organization and excellent speakers. Very educational! Overall it was a great conference! I would definitely come again.”

“The information was presented very well. While thorough and informative, the information presented was also concise enough to keep everyone intrigued and not to bore the audience.”

“Great speakers, great conference room, beautiful location.”

“I liked hearing from the very young docs as well as the world renowned.”

“Dr. Brian Hoh was an excellent speaker and his videos were wonderful.”

“Already the best.”

“I had a wonderful time & came away with a much better understanding of neuro nursing”

“Great presentations! Very happy with the conference topics.”

Past Participant Comments 2015

The below are anonymous comments provided by participants when they filled out our program evaluation.

“This program was outstanding! I loved the speakers, the topics and the fact that the presentations are available to download. The location of the conference was also good.”

“Wonderful keynote speaker! Session was timely. Continued mix of disciplines that deal with stroke.”

“Great accommodations and good food. Excellent speakers, local, tuition fee affordable. Loved break-out sessions and the keynote speaker was awesome.”

“Great presenters, variety of topics, stayed on schedule, time well spent!”

“Amazing speakers and awesome food!”

“Great symposium, timed appropriately.”

“Very well done, well organized, nice setting, friendly staff.”

“Excellent presentations, conference organization and technical support.”

“Excellent, well-organized conference. Great food!”

“Excellent, well-organized conference. Great food!”