Why Virtual?

The 8th Annual Stroke Conference will be fully virtual in 2021!

The Stroke Conference Planning Committee has extensively discussed the best format for delivering the 8th Annual Stroke Conference to our attendees. Given the current state of the COVID pandemic, for the safety for our participants and speakers, the committee has decided to offer our conference virtually.


Rest assured, you will still have the same opportunities to share your work, collaborate, and connect!

Things to Note:

Registration Rates
Hosting the 8th Annual Stroke Conference virtually has allowed us to cut costs, and thus reduce registration rates for our attendees!

Conference Length
We know you’ve been attending lots of virtual conferences lately, and we understand “Zoom Fatigue”! We’ve shortened the event to a half day, and we’ve incorporated breaks to give you time to move around.

Register today for the 8th Annual Virtual Stroke Conference!